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          Electric vehicles (EVs): Sharing a common language for a sustainable future

          To engineer groundbreaking EVs successfully, facilitating collaboration between car body in white and battery teams is essential. This collaboration accelerates innovation by leveraging common software platforms to efficiently share ideas, solutions, and data. Download the white paper to learn more.

          Advanced strategies in brewing and beverage manufacturing

          The beverage industry is at a crossroads, driven by consumer demands, sustainability goals and technological advancements. As the industry evolves, staying ahead requires embracing innovation across every level of production. From integrating AI and smart packaging to adopting sustainable practices, discover how Siemens is leading the charge in revolutionizing beverage manufacturing.

          Food & BeverageOthers

          PEEK in FFF 3D Printing

          INTAMSYS’ white paper explores how PEEK and other high-performance materials are reshaping industries, including aerospace and healthcare, by addressing challenges like high melting points and highlighting PEEK’s advantages in various applications.

          Plastics & Rubber

          Vehicle electrification: Collaborative virtual development environment

          Download the ebook to learn how Siemens Vehicle Electrification solution offers an integrated virtual environment to speed up EV development while integrating new energy systems and complex features, enabling

          Automotive ManufacturingOthers

          Vehicle Electrification: End-to-end production management

          In the race to electrify transportation, manufacturers face unprecedented challenges in meeting customer demands for high-quality, efficient, and technologically advanced electric vehicles.

          Semiconductor / Electronic ChipOthers

          Transforming Manufacturing Planning in the EV Era

          Electrification is reshaping the transportation industry. Rapid innovation demands speed, agility, and innovation.

          Unlocking Excellence: Synchronizing Supply Chains in the CP&R industry

          To ensure truly effective logistics management you require an integrated strategy. This white paper is intended to help you begin that journey and thrive in a VUCA world

          The Intelligent Supply Chain

          This white paper is intended to help you take the right step on your journey to the digital value chain

          Real-time visibility of business processes

          Gain unified visibility across business metrics for complete quality assurance and certification

          Semiconductor / Electronic Chip

          Secure collaboration throughout the semiconductor ecosystem

          Gain the multidisciplinary collaboration needed in today’s rapidly changing ecosystem

          Semiconductor / Electronic Chip

          Secure end to end traceability and digitalization

          The ebook unveils the Siemens solution that offers comprehensive, end-to-end traceability, safeguarding the lineage of components, intellectual property, and alignment of design and production.

          Semiconductor / Electronic Chip

          Electronics companies turn to enterprise low-code solutions to digital transform and modernize their businesses

          Download the white paper to learn more about how low-code capabilities can help companies progress faster along their digitalization journey.

          Semiconductor / Electronic ChipSemiconductor Process Equipment

          How electronics companies can use low-code to remove digital transformation roadblocks

          In this E-book, you will learn: -The challenges faced by electronics industry -What is needed to meet the challenges -How low-code fits in the solution to remove roadblocks

          Semiconductor / Electronic ChipSemiconductor Process Equipment

          How low-code can change the ways electronics companies go to market

          Here are some areas where electronics companies can explore how low-code apps could fit into their business processes to gain a competitive edge and speed up their digitalization journey.

          Semiconductor / Electronic ChipElectronic Design Automation (EDA)Intellectual Property (IP) based Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software

          Digital and Sustainable

          As our white paper shows, a digital logistics network offers many opportunities for green logistics: By running fewer empty trucks. By making warehouses more energy-efficient. By finding reusable solutions. So let’s take the first step and make logistics a bit greener. Download the white paper now.


          The Circular Economy

          Learn how to find a well-rounded solution for the circular economy in the whitepaper “The Circular Economy”—available for download here.


          Smart Manufacturing in Food & Beverage

          Discover how your food and beverage company can stay ahead by adopting a flexible and predictable smart manufacturing approach. Lead the way in the industry with innovative strategies for success.&nbsp;

          Food & BeverageFactory Automation EquipmentOthers

          Imperatives as Automotive Industry Pivots to Vehicle Electrification

          Discover why CIMdata, a global leader in PLM consulting, recommends automotive companies consider Siemens technology platforms when evaluating needs and solutions for vehicle electrification engineering and manufacturing. Read the white paper to learn more.&nbsp;

          Industrial MetalworkingMetalworking

          The Value of Vehicle Electrification

          Read this ebook to learn how Siemens can help you develop the next generation of safe and reliable electric vehicles with a mass-market appeal to drive change for mobility.&nbsp;

          Industrial MetalworkingMetalworking

          Video: Enterprise Recipe Management for consumer packaged goods - Streamline your recipe development process

          Transform your recipe development process with Siemens Enterprise Recipe Management.&nbsp;

          Food, Beverage & Personal CareFood & Beverage
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