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          dsm-firmenich to unveil biotic vitamin Humiome? B2 at Vitafoods 2024

          Source:dsm-firmenich Release Date:2024-05-07 113
          Food & BeverageFood & Beverage Ingredients IngredientsTradeshow Preview/Review
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          Humiome? B2 is the first ‘biotic’ vitamin powered by patented Microbiome Targeted Technology?

          dsm-firmenich will launch Humiome® B2, the world’s first ‘biotic’ vitamin, at Vitafoods Europe 2024 in Geneva from May 14-16. The new solution is designed to ensure targeted vitamin B2 delivery to the colon, delivering prebiotic-like benefits that modulate and nourish the gut microbiome to support gut barrier integrity, immunity, mental well-being1 and metabolic health.



          Unlike traditional B2 solutions, where the majority of vitamin B2 is absorbed in the small intestine, Humiome B2® supports a healthy and well-nourished gut environment by releasing ~ 90% of vitamin B2 in the lower intestine and colon - where 90% of the body’s microbiota reside.1 The remaining ~ 10% is utilised through absorption in the small intestine. 


          This is achieved through dsm-firmenich’s unique, IP-protected Microbiome Targeted Technology™ (MTT™), a dual-action colon-targeted delivery system featuring an innovative two-layer natural coating. The first coating protects the riboflavin core from the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach and small intestine. The outer layer withstands digestive enzymes and low pH, while the inner layer remains intact until it reaches the colon. Once it arrives in the colon, the inner coating dissolves and releases the riboflavin to specifically nourish and support the growth of beneficial bacteria, provide detoxification and reduce reactive oxygen species.


          "Humiome® B2 is a true breakthrough in Health from the Gut innovation, representing the culmination of dsm-firmenich's journey to develop microbiome-targeted vitamin solutions. As the first product in our Humiome® portfolio to feature Microbiome Targeted Technology™ –  which is backed by extensive pre-clinical and human clinical studies – we are confident that Humiome® B2 will help our customers address the needs of consumers seeking holistic Health from the Gut solutions," said Ruedi Duss, Global Gut & Metabolic Lead at dsm-firmenich.


          "As well as maximising the bioavailability of riboflavin in the colon to nourish the gut microbiome, Humiome® B2 with MTT™ – the first ‘biotic’ vitamin – can work alongside other gut health enablers including pro-, pre- and postbiotics and human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs). The solution also offers multiple functional benefits for formulators, such as enhancing vitamin stability by protecting against humidity, light and oxygen.”


          Humiome® B2 is built on dsm-firmenich’s unique ‘ecosystems’ approach to unlocking holistic health from the gut, which aims to support and preserve the key pillars of the gut ecosystem – a healthy gut environment, keystone species, gut barrier integrity and microbiome-independent mechanisms – to maintain its natural balance and function. The solution will initially launch in EMEA and North America, with other regions to follow.


          Attendees at Vitafoods Europe 2024 can attend an in-depth session from PD Dr. Robert E. Steinert, HNC Principal Scientist at dsm-firmenich, on the science behind Humiome® B2 at the Probiotics Theatre on Tuesday, May 14, 11.30-11.55 CET.  Visitors are also invited to meet dsm-firmenich at booth D90 from May 14-16 to learn more about how Humiome® B2 can help bring progress to life in the health and nutrition space.


          To learn more about how Humiome® B2 can support holistic health from the gut, book a meeting with the dsm-firmenich team at Vitafoods Europe here.


          1 Dupont HL, Jiang ZD, Dupont AW, Utay NS. THE INTESTINAL MICROBIOME IN HUMAN HEALTH AND DISEASE. Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc. 2020;131:178-197. PMID: 32675857; PMCID: PMC7358474.

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