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          Next-generation takeout system for plastics packaging

          Source:Proco Machinery Release Date:2024-05-02 222
          Plastics & Rubber Tradeshow Preview/ReviewIndustry FocusIndustry UpdatesPackagingSpecial Report
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          Proco Machinery launches next-generation Robopik takeout system at NPE 2024


          Proco Machinery Inc. will announce the launch of its next-generation Robopik takeout system for plastics packaging at NPE 2024 May 6-10 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. (Booth #S15097). With the integration of a collaborative robot, Proco’s new Robopik system offers greater flexibility and adaptability versus older fixed automation designs.


          The Robopik - designed for unloading and deflashing containers made on shuttle-type blow molding machines – has enjoyed strong demand with more than 500 deliveries since it was invented and patented in 1995 by Proco Founder John McCormick. With advanced features and programming capabilities, the new Robopik can be easily reconfigured to handle different types of products and adapt to changing production requirements. This flexibility appeals to businesses looking to streamline their operations and respond quickly to market demands.


          “Our next-generation product takes us to the next level in terms of productivity and efficiency for processors and end users who continue to face increasingly demanding requirements in the packaging industry,” said McCormick.


          The integration of a collaborative robot delivers precision movement and advanced algorithms, enabling the new system to unload products faster and with higher accuracy compared to previous fixed automation systems. This increased efficiency translates to higher productivity and lower labor costs, making it an attractive investment for users aiming to improve their bottom line.


          The new Robopik system offers even more advanced features than competitive versions at an economical cost. It minimizes downtime, reduces errors, and requires less maintenance so processors can achieve a lower total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the machine.


          The new Robopik also includes built-in safety features such as collision detection, emergency stop mechanisms, and protective barriers. Unlike competitive fixed automation designs that can pose safety risks to workers with limited mobility and outdated safety features, the new Robopik system provides a safer working environment. The added safety features help users comply with regulations and reduce the risk of workplace accidents.


          The new takeout system is equipped with advanced connectivity features which allow for seamless integration with other smart factory technologies as part of the Industry 4.0 revolution.  The new Robopik can communicate with other machines, sensors, and software systems to optimize production workflows, collect real-time data for analysis, and enable predictive maintenance. This integration capability positions the new system as a strategic investment for businesses seeking to stay competitive in the era of digital transformation.


          Another key benefit is improved product quality during the unloading process by leveraging precise movements and intelligent algorithms. The new takeout system can handle delicate or irregularly shaped containers with ease and minimizes the risk of damage or defects. Other key features include improved cycle times, flexible right or left configurations, wider scrap conveyor, and magnetically coupled takeout cobots.


          Proco’s newly redesigned Robopik takeout system is attracting broad interest in the packaging industry as end users see the unique advantages of advanced robotics. It is a compelling choice for businesses looking to optimize their manufacturing processes and gain a competitive edge in the market. The new Robopik system and the Cobot palletizer are two of Proco’s latest innovations that push the boundaries of design and innovation and provide customers with the most advanced and innovative designs possible in today’s automation marketplace.

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